Booking availability

  1. Type in the departure date and the number of nights.
  2. Flight and accommodation availability is then populated.
  3. Insert the number of adults, children and infants.
  4. Select the flight you wish to book.
  5. Type in the number of seats or use the spinner, then click the 'Allocate' button.
  1. Booked items appear in the 'Services allocated' list.
  2. A double click reveals more detail on the intinerary item.
  3. A right click gives you the opportunity to delete the item and return the usage back to inventory.
A double click reveals more detail on the intinerary item in a new window. Once flights have been booked, select the accommodation tab and you will see hotel availability. A right click wil reveal:-
  1. Allocation
  2. Booked
  3. Stock available
  1. Right click to return to room types available for booking
  2. Type in the quantity of rooms
  3. Click the 'Allocate' button
  4. Hotel reference is 4 digits = 9131
  5. Room reference is a 2 digit suffix added to the hotel = 913101
A right click in the Services allocated list permits you to delete that item and return it to stock. Type in the customer name, address and email details. Select agency if dealing with a travel agent. Type in the costing details. Type in the money collected. Right click 'Insert' to 'Delete' a selected item Type in the passenger names, age, type and insurance. Right click 'Insert' to 'Delete' a selected passenger. CONFIRM the booking. A confirmation invoice is previewed ready for printing. Use the dropdown list to insert pre-defined client instructions which will appear on their booking confirmation. If automatic emails are set to YES, the client and resort will be emailed the booking. If automatic emails are set to NO, you may choose to email as above. Any amendments after CONFIRM, must be done in BOOKING AMEND.