Booking amend

  1. Make alterations here following BOOKING CONFIRM
  2. View the booking details on the first tab
  3. Insert tickets issued date
  4. If a travel agent, insert the VAT tax invoice number
  1. Add/remove allocated services
  2. Inrease/reduce adults/children/infants
Add/remove pricing items and cash received or refunds due. Cash lines cannot be deleted in the AMEND booking screen. Add/delete any passengers as required and add to notes. Use the dropdown list to insert pre-defined client instructions which will appear on their booking confirmation.
  1. Click on CANCEL to clear all flights and accommodation
  2. All flights and accommodation are returned to stock
  3. The booking remains but chargeable items are cleared
  4. The cash remains and awaits any CANCELLATION charge [in pricing]
  5. The booking aquires the status 'CNX'
Emailing sends an email to the client and to resort comprising a short message and an HTML attachment AMEND.HTM which is a replica of the printed confirmation invoice.